M. G. Walker & Sons - Quality british game farm and hatchery

M.G. Walker and Sons is a family run game farm which has been providing pheasant chicks and poults to the very highest standard for over 35 years. The farm extends across a site of over 150 acres incorporating the hatcheries, over wintering pens, laying pens and woodland.

We offer a choice of breeds to suit all clients requirements and the majority of our customers have purchased stock from us for many, many years.

Low stocking density, strict hygiene regimes and bio security operates in all areas of the game farm, particularly in the hatcheries which aim to produce very high quality chicks. Our stock is over wintered in spacious pens then moved into laying pens again in low numbers. This ensures that stress levels are kept to a minimum and any form of disease is kept at bay. We also use a rotation system, ensuring the rearing fields are located on fresh ground each and every year.

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Members of:
Game Farmers Association. Game Conservancy N.F.U
Countryside Alliance. The Wildlife Fund.
M. G. Walker & Sons:   01746 710 188
Will Walker mobile:  07929 801 387
Garry Walker mobile:   07814 671 707
Richard Walker mobile:   07971 639 632
Email: info@mgwalkerandsons.co.uk